Gambling is as old as man. Before now, players that wish to bet on games have to go to a landbased casino in order to satisfy their gambling urge. With the inception of the internet, however, players can now play all sort s of casino game right from the comfort of their home. One of the games that you can enjoy playing is craps, this article will talk about free craps. Visit canadaonline-casino for the best online casinos.

Learning How to Play Craps

Craps is not as difficult as many people think. Although a craps board may look somehow complicated to a newbie, the truth is that the game is easy to play. The objective is to bet on the right outcome before the roll of the dice. As with most all kinds of casino games, the first thing you have to do in craps is to place your bets. There are several kinds of bets in craps.

After placing your preferred bets based on the limits of the game, the next thing that will happen is for the game to commence properly is the come-out roll. As the shooter, you will take the come-out roll, and if the outcome of the dice is 7 or 11, then you've won the game. However, if the come-out roll is 3, 12 or 3, then you have lost in the game. Every other outcome is called the point number.

Understanding Point Number

If the outcome is a point number, you will then be given a chance to roll the dice over and over again until you either roll a 7 or the same point number. If you roll a 7, or seven out as it is called in craps, then you automatically lose the game. However, if you roll the point number, then you will get even money so you won't lose your original bet.

Payout in craps is based on the type of bets that you place. If you are playing the online version of the game at a trusted online casino, then you will be able to see the payout even before wagering any money. Some of the common bets you can place in crops include pass line bet, don't pass line bet, field bets and so on. You can play free craps to know how the game is played.

Bonuses for Craps

Craps is not like video slots. This means that you cannot trigger any bonus features in the game. Nonetheless, there are several bonuses offered by online casinos which you can use to play craps. Among these bonuses are welcome bonuses, free plays, reload bonuses, match bonuses and so on. Welcome bonuses are given to only new players and in most cases, they are a percentage of the first deposit made. You can use this bonus to play craps.

As for free plays, they are bonuses that give you a chance to play games for a short duration such as 30 minutes. Some casinos offer this bonus and allow their players to use it on craps. You can check all the bonuses offered for caps by going to the promotions game of your casino. However, you should note that these bonuses are governed by terms and conditions like wagering requirements and validity period.

Summary and Conclusion

In this article, we have explained how craps is played, This is the same whether you are playing at a land-based casino or an online casino. We have also discussed the different kinds of bonuses for craps. Remember that craps have no in-game bonus features, so you can only use casino bonuses like welcome bonuses and reload bonuses on the game. In some cases, online casinos may require bonus codes for craps bonuses. Why not play craps at our suggested casinos today!