Guten Abend! Mein Name ist Nasir, und ich werde Deutschland. I plan to learn more about the German history, language, and culture.


I expect to learn how to basically immerse myself into a new culture. I hope to learn how to truly live in a country, rather than just see it through a vacationer’s eyes. I want to learn the differences between our lives and Germans, how their history has shaped who they are and how the country operates. I want to learn about the various races and cultures that occupy Germany in order to gain a true German experience. I also want to learn about the famous architecture and what importance it has on the country. I want to know how the people my age experience their everyday compared to mine as well and gain new perspectives on the many different ways a person can live and adapt to their environment.

I already know some of the history of Germany such as that Germany was once called Prussia and that it was a Central Power and Axis Power. Germany was forced to pay reparations for WWI due to the Treaty of Versailles and I know of Hitler’s rise to power and the Holocaust. I hope to learn more about modern day Germany though. For this trip I am definitely looking forward to seeing what Germany is like because I have never been on the other side of the world. I really hope to see the ancient architecture there and how they impacted Germany. I am looking forward to meeting the people and trying the food and I hope to gain as much knowledge as I can on Germany. I want to come back with a new way to think and live from this trip.


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