I am very excited about going to study abroad, because I feel it is a great opportunity.


I look forward to learning a lot, however I am mostly interested about learning about the normal life of a Afro-German. I would like to compare and contrast the normal life of an Afro-German & an African American. I’m excited to observe and analyze the problems Afro-Germans face daily. Also, I am looking forward to learning the German history and culture.

Before, this program I didn’t really know too much about Germany. I only really knew about the Berlin Wall & the fact that their big on soccer. However, after this trip I will know much more. Personally, I feel it is wonderful opportunity to travel internationally. I feel it is very important as well because it gives young adults like myself a chance to take a different look on life itself. It helps us further our knowledge in which we can use to help us in the future. Also, it gives us a chance to try new things and learn things that many others don’t know.


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