Travel is wonderful. I love to fully immerse myself in the culture of the people I chose to surround myself with.


This summer, I have the pleasure of broadening my knowledge not only in culture, but in the beautiful language of German. I have the opportunity to learn the language alongside individuals with some of the brightest minds and the biggest hearts. I’ve learned of Germany in school in regard to AP US History, the Berlin Wall, their stance on previous world wars, and their place in the Triple Alliance.

Although I’m informed on cruel actions Germany’s government took on its people in the early 1900’s, I’ve only experienced documentaries that would help me on an AP exam, not information that would help me understand the culture of Germany’s people, and how they came to be. It is important to not only stay informed, but to travel because of this reason. Society often instills ideas of what they think of other people or places, leaving out important facts that could possibly sway any audience from their intended opinion. It is important to travel in order to broaden our horizons past the opinions of others, and embrace culture to fully understand language, history, and the lifestyle of others.

Through the Global Youth Ambassador Program, I am most looking forward to broadening this perspective by immersing myself in the German culture, language, cuisine, and history! The history and story of every individual’s battle with social justice -or the lack there of- continues to motivate and inspire me to fight for social acceptance, and traveling to a new country to get first hand experience of various minorities, and the laws protecting them excited me further.

In only our first class, I quickly learned of one minority group in Germany, but it is necessary for me to research further during my travels to truly understand how social injustice affects likeminded individuals who have obtained different forms of discrimination. It is my job to be an advocate for social acceptance. Traveling to a misunderstood country and uncovering the truth of its culture and history is one of the many steps I have to take not only to opening the minds of others, but to expose and instill the idea of equality in them as well.