Global Youth Ambassadors Program Testimonials

“This program completely exceeded my expectations. It let me do a lot of personal growth and helped me see what I can do for the people in my community. It has broadened my views and ideals of the cultures and languages I've learned about. I am absolutely privileged to have taken part and thankful for everything. I hope to travel more in the future and become a better ambassador.”

Darius Minnifield
Student, Fulton Leadership Academy


“Travel is wonderful. I love to fully immerse myself in the culture of the people I chose to surround myself with. This summer, I have the pleasure of broadening my knowledge not only in culture, but in the beautiful language of German. I have the opportunity to learn the language alongside individuals with some of the brightest minds and the biggest hearts.”

N’Naserri Carew
Student, West Lake High School


“Coming into this program I didn’t expect to learn this much about the cultures of different countries without physically being there. It’s important to travel internationally not only so it can look good on your resumé but also to experience life outside of your comfort zone. Being able to travel abroad to help people or just have an advantage of modern life elsewhere is an opportunity many kids don’t have and everyone should use this as a lead toward any new surrounding that you may find yourself in.”

Maya Hill
Student, Booker T. Washington High School


I think it is extremely important to travel internationally because you need to be aware of different perspectives within various cultures and people. Having knowledge is more than just school subjects, it’s also how you are able to adapt to new environments and how you interact with the people around you in order to live more efficiently and traveling to other countries is a great way to learn that. Traveling is also important because it takes you out of your comfort zone.”

Louis Burts, Jr.
Student, Fulton Leadership Academy